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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey 2018

Meet the Platinum Sponsor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey – ThinkCoin

Meet the Platinum Sponsor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey – ThinkCoin

ThinkCoin, the Platinum Sponsor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey, is the currency intended for trading a wide range of financial assets. It is a token of the decentralized TradeConnect network, which can be exchanged for assets from any part of the world: shares, commodities, Forex, cryptocurrency, and others.

The company’s mission is to reduce the transaction time to several seconds, make the assets market more transparent, provide the industry with more progressive technologies and tools. All of it will become possible thanks to the creation of a single blockchain platform for trading assets called TradeConnect. Authors of the platform believe that it will eliminate intermediaries between market participants and add flexibility to the market not seen in the financial assets trading before. New cryptocurrency ThinkCoin was designed especially for TradeConnect. The project is a subsidiary of ThinkMarkets, a successful player in the financial services market, developer of the popular mobile broker TradeInterceptor. It provides the company with valuable practical experience to operate in this market and a potential user base of tens of thousands of customers.

ThinkCoin will start an ICO soon, and in July of 2018, the launch of the platform’s demo is expected. Look for the details at the booth of ThinkCoin in the exhibition area of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey!

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