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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey 2018

Crypto experts and blockchain entrepreneurs from Bulgaria, Singapore, and the USA will speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey

Crypto experts and blockchain entrepreneurs from Bulgaria, Singapore, and the USA will speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey

On March 1, 2018, for the first time ever Istanbul will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey, the event dedicated to legislative initiatives, new trends, and timely solutions in the blockchain industry and ICO.

Leading global experts from various industries will review acute issues of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, share experience and knowledge with everyone interested.

The conference program will consist of three blocks: Blockchain, Fintech, and ICO. Following the Blockchain and Fintech blocks, panel discussions will take place, as part of which industry leaders will discuss the impact of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology at the global scale, as well as talk about the prospects of the fintech industry.

Here are the major speakers of the event:

Blockchain block

Gokhan Seckin, Turkey (CEO at Kimlic). The expert will speak about blockchain use in different industries, including finance, education, and insurance.

Dr. Cigdem Ayozger, Turkey (Founder at SRP-Legal). Being a successful lawyer, Dr. Cigdem Ayozger will explain which current Turkish laws regulate the fintech industry and cryptocurrencies, compare the regulation of the blockchain industry in different countries and assess how cryptocurrency-friendly Turkey is.

Servet Gozel, Turkey (Director at KPMG Turkey). His presentation will focus on the blockchain technology and cyber security. The expert will elaborate on the history of cyber security, tell how the encryption technology works, and define how safe blockchain is.

Fintech block

Fevzi Gungor, Turkey (CEO at Odeal). Presenter will speak about legal and practical obstacles in the process of blockchain adoption in the banking services.

Matt Oguz, Turkey (Managing Director at Venture Science). The investment expert will unveil the investors’ perspective on the ICO business. The audience will learn everything related to blockchain startups as well as how they differ from typical tech startups.

Bulent Tekmen, Turkey (Co-Founder at Colendi). The speaker will explain how the blockchain technology changes financial services in Turkey.

ICO block

Aleks Bozhinov, Bulgaria (Co-founder at Crowdholding). The experienced specialist in business promotion will tell how to deploy Internet marketing tools to run a successful ICO.

Stefano Virgilli, Singapore (CMO at Copernicus Gold). Reputed entrepreneur and TEDx speaker will dwell on the issues of token sales and marketing tools for ICO.

Gordon Einstein, the USA (Managing Partner at CryptoLaw Partner). Being a crypto advocate and a strategist in corporate issues, the speaker will talk about the latest legislative initiatives related to ICO; explain how to carry out an ICO while being compliant with all legal regulations, and how to keep on the right side of regulatory bodies.

You will find more information about speakers and key theses of their presentations on the official website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey.

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